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Every child loves summer. It is a holiday season and a family vacation time for most of the people. Children eagerly wait for summer holidays. After a yearlong hard work summer is the time where a child can spend some quality time with friends, parents and can also pursue hobbies of their interest.

Parents want their kids to make the most of this time for personal growth and development of their child. Summer is the time where a parent can bond more with their child. It is the time where a child can build more social contacts, explore new things and develop emotional connectivity with family.

But many children suffer from summer heat effects which hinder the activities to some extent. Generally, heat stroke, dehydration, urinary infections and heat rash are the most common summer complaints in children. In some children complaints like headache, diarrhoea etc. can occur during summer. This even makes parents worry about their child’s health, which leads to a restrictive behavior.

So here are some tips for the parents to help their child enjoy most of this summer

Adequate Sun exposure is necessary for absorption of Vit - D. Sun exposure helps in maintaining good health. It improves mood, keeps oneself active and helps in the growth of the child. But in summer excess heat can cause heat stroke. Generally, it can be diagnosed if a child suffers from fever, chills, dehydration, muscle cramps, drowsiness, etc. In order to avoid this parent should not allow a child to play outdoors when the Sun is high. Morning before 10 am and evening after 4 pm are the ideal times for outdoor activities.

Here a parent should take care that their child involves in indoor activities and games during this time. This is the time where a child can develop more emotional bonding with the family. A child can be involved in household activities. For example, you can just ask your child to help clean the house or help chopping vegetables, etc. By doing this a child not only learns hygiene but also understands responsibility. You can also involve the in activities like gardening, painting, etc., which helps in developing some creative interests.

If one needs to go out in the summer heat, then a proper protective gear is necessary. Apply sunscreen, wear Sun shades and cover your child’s head with a hat or scarf.

Make your child wear light coloured, cotton clothing. Dark colors absorb more heat and silk clothes doesn’t absorb sweat. Light clothes make your child feel more comfortable to counter the summer heat.

Make your child bathe twice a day. A good shower with lukewarm water helps in removing germs and also removes excess sweat. Prickly heat can be prevented with regular bathing routine.

Make your child drink more fluids. Severe sweating and heat of summer can cause dehydration. At least a child should consume 7-8 glasses of water. Avoid refrigerated water and cold drinks. Try preferring naturally cooled pot water. If your child doesn’t like to have more water, then you should hydrate them well by giving fresh fruit juices. Drinks like Buttermilk, Ragi malt, barley water helps in cooling the body. Ice creams and cold drinks can be taken on and off. But if your child suffers from after effects try avoiding them.

Build your child’s strength and immunity with healthy, nutritious food. Food should be easily digestible, rich in fiber and fresh. Use more leafy vegetables. Vegetable diet is easily digestible. So, include more vegetables and protein rich foods like dal, egg etc. Fresh fruits are rich in fiber and micro nutrients. Give your child seasonal fruits of your choice. Having citrus fruits or lime water increases immunity. Avoid baked foods, high fat foods and processed foods as they contain body harming agents.

And finally, do not let your child suffer with any health problems during this time. A healthy child grows into a healthy adult.

Prevent summer health troubles like renal stones, urinary infections, rash, fevers, etc. by using proper medication. Homeopathy is safe for children and also helps in preventing effects of Sun. Medicines like Natrum mur 6x, Sabal syrup helps in reducing effects of heat.

But professional advice is necessary as medicines might differ child to child.

Complaints like tonsillitis, adenoids, asthma, sinusitis, frequent cold, headache, skin infections, etc. show seasonal effects. These problems generally flare up during cold weather conditions. Summer is the best time to treat these problems.

Homoeopathic constitutional treatment helps in building natural immunity and also helps in absorbing nutrients from the diet your child is taking. So better late than never start your child’s Homoeopathic journey today.

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