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Childhood obesity and its Homoeopathic management

Obesity is becoming one of the most common chronic diseases in today’s world. Obesity simply can be explained as over weight. That means the weight of a obese person is more than what they are intended to be as per their height and weight parameters. Children are also not an exception for obesity. In children obesity can be explained as a condition where children weigh significantly more than his or her age and height.


What causes childhood obesity ?


1.     Hereditary tendencies


Familial tendencies may cause obesity in children. Children with hereditary factors gain weight more easily than others. Obesity also runs in families where physical activity is discouraged and high calorie food are preferred.


2.     Diet


Diet plays a major role in gaining weight. Fatty foods, processed foods, baked items, fried foods, diary products, carbonated drinks etc. cause increase in weight.


3.     Familial environment


Children growing in conservative families and disputed environments are prone to gain weight. Children with parental pressures, depression and anxiety issues also gain weight as they feel eating as a relaxing activity.Some children overeat to cope with problems or to deal with emotions


4.     Socio economic factors


Children in poor families have less access to healthy foods. Instead they go for cheaper alternatives like vanaspathi or high calorie foods. Poor economic conditions also makes it difficult to exercise due to lack of space.


5.     Lack of exercise


Obesity is directly linked to lack of physical activity. Physical activity during growing period helps in maintaining ideal weight. It helps in burning extra calories and helps in decreasing weight.


6.     Medical conditions


Certain medical conditions like hypothyroidism, diabetes and depressive disorders cause weight gain. Certain medications like steroids also known to cause weight gain in children.


What are the complications of obesity ?


An obese child is more likely to develop following conditions

1.     Type 2 diabetes

2.     High cholesterol

3.     High blood pressure at an early age

4.     Thyroid troubles

5.     Hormonal issues and menstrual irregularities in females

6.     Respiratory troubles and sleep apnoea

7.     Joint pains due to excess load on weight bearing joints

8.     Low self esteem, lack of social exposure and depression


How to deal it ?


1.     A good family atmosphere helps in loosing weight easily. Never isolate a child as obese. Try to inculcate good dietary habits and make physical activity as a family routine. By doing this obese child never feels that he is targeted. They will gradually get habited to good daily routine and finds himself as normal.

2.     Encourage good diet and cut of high calorie foods. Avoid carbonated drinks, baked products, oily foods and fatty foods. Plan balanced diet with less carbs more protein and fibre. Encourage child to drink more water. And as said before a make it a family affair to have a healthy diet.

3.     Encourage physical activity in the way they like. Walking and running will not be a cup of tea for many children. Encouraging them in interesting activities boosts them and motivates them to do more of it. For example playing sports, dancing, swimming, cycling etc. can be considered as activities. Encourage more outdoor activities than indoors.

4.     Talk to your child about their insecurities and support them to come out of those thoughts. Regular interactions and friendly approach helps in motivating them.

5.     Take necessary medication. Obesity cannot be controlled unless the underlying medical condition is treated. So, do use medication.


How Homoeopathy helps ?


Homeopathy is safe and effective in treating childhood obesity. Homeopathy helps in correcting the root cause of the disease and helps in controlling weight. Genetic factors, familial tendencies, personal habits, accompanying disease conditions, child’s physical and mental condition is taken into consideration while selecting a Homoeopathic medicine to treat obesity. In one word a holistic approach is followed.


Benefits of using Homoeopathy


1.     Children likes to take Homoeopathic medicine as they taste good

2.     There will be no side effects

3.     It corrects entire bodily health

4.     It prevents complications of obesity


Homeopathy medicines for obesity


1.     Calcarea carb  - used in treating obesity where a child sweats more, having low self esteem and delayed milestones

2.     Graphites – used in treating obesity with constipation and thyroid problems

3.     Capsicum annum – used in treating obesity with home sickness

4.     Fucus vesiculosus – used in treating obesity with thyroid troubles

5.     Antimonium crudum – treats obesity with digestive troubles and thick nails

6.     Thyroidinum- used for obesity with thyroid issues

7.     Phytolacca berry – helps in decreasing weight

8.     Kali carb – obesity with digestive and respiratory troubles


Although obesity is a complex problem, it can be controlled with a holistic approach of medication, diet and activity. In Sasi Homeopathy this holistic approach is followed to treat obesity. We not only treat obese child but also give necessary counselling to family members to make this journey easier. Along with this proper diet and activity programmes are suggested as per requirement. It is always suggested to start your child’s weight loss journey with a proper guidance. Start your child’s Homoeopathic journey today and give them  a healthy tomorrow


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