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Good Food, Good Health, Good Life

In olden days people used to have plenty of physical activity in the form of games, work routine or household chores etc. Surprisingly they used to eat much less than what we are eating today. They used to get good food which is free of additives and pesticides. The method of preparation, food combinations and regular eating patterns helped them in maintaining perfect health. They used to treat minor health issues by following simple home remedies, fasting etc. That’s the reason why we find our grandparents still fit and healthy.

We are living in the fast running world where it is difficult to find time for ourselves. Busy routine, commute, jobs etc. are taking away most of our valuable time. Whenever one needs recreation, they will plan for a outing with family or catch up with friends. Most of the times our recreation involves food. Unknowingly we are taking lot more than what is required. Most of us start our day with coffee/Tea followed by breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. Coffee and Tea are taken so frequently in between.

Have you ever felt that your stomach is full?

Have you felt weak even after eating ?

What we do is we simply ignore the fact that our stomach is full and keep on dumping it with more food. Food needs a lot of time to digest and our brain sends signals to keep the digestion process going on. All our energy will be on our digestive system after we consume food. That’s the reason why we feel lethargic and drowsy after eating. By eating unnecessarily we in turn are burdening our body to keep an extra effort to digest our food. Gradually things go out of control and we start experiencing symptoms like acidity, acid reflux, indigestion, bloating etc.

Most of the diseases are linked to improper digestion. Some are triggered due to the food we take. For example Salt increases blood pressure, Excess sugar intake increases blood glucose and the list goes on.

The only solution to correct this disturbance is to practice mindful eating. Everyone is different and a common diet plan may not suit everyone. Try to understand your body. Your stomach tells you when it is full. Then limit the intake accordingly and control the portion size. Chew the food properly. Digestion begins in mouth and proper mastication helps in easy digestion.

Plan a diet suitable for your body. Focus on nutrition as well. Take more of fiber and protein. Limit your carb intake. Add plenty of fruits in your diet. Avoid baked foods, carbonated waters and fatty acids. Moderation is the key, have them on and off. Do some physical activity daily in whatever way possible.

By practicing these simple tips you can rejuvenate your body naturally. There is a saying, a habit can be made in 21 days. Try doing these for 21 days and observe the change in your body. You will definitely feel more active than before.

Food has a positive effect on us when we listen to our body and not just our taste buds. A healthy diet supplemented with exercise, good sleep and positive thinking can comprise a balanced diet in its truest sense.

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