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Hair care with Homoeopathy

Hair although not a vital organ in our body plays a very important role in one’s life. The part of hair which we are able to see consists of dead cells and is composed of protein filament called keratin. The live part of hair is the Hair follicle which lies in the scalp. Hair follicles receive enough nutrition from the blood supply and push dead cells upwards and generate new cells. That’s the reason why hair grows.

So, we can arrive at a conclusion that healthy hair follicle produces good hair. This is the main reason, no matter what products we apply to our hair they do not cause any hair growth. Hair growth entirely depends on the health of the hair follicle.

Hairfall is a natural process. Shedding of 50 – 100 strands of hair daily is normal. However, if one experiences more than that and signs indicate less growth then it is a condition to worry.

Normally as age progresses hairfall occurs and it can be controlled to the most by practicing certain measures.

1. Comb your hair regularly. It improves circulation and helps in supplying more nutrition to the hair follicle.

2. Oil your hair on and off. Although external oils show no result on your growth it can minimize the hairfall due to following reasons

i) Helps in conditioning your hair to make it less frizzy

ii) Helps in moisturizing the hair and prevents hair breakage, split ends which cause hair to tangle easily

iii) Massaging oil helps relieving stress and increases blood supply to scalp

iv) Medicated oils are good only when they are thoroughly massaged into the scalp

3. Do not take too hot showers for bathing your head. Heat damages the hair and makes it loose moisture. The same applies for hair styling machines. These make hair dry and thereby causes hair fall

4. Take head bath at least twice a week. It helps in removing dirt and makes the scalp healthy.

5. Get regular haircuts. It helps in preventing breakage of hair and prevents split ends

6. Detangle your hair regularly as it might cause pulling out of hair follicle while combing.

7. Use hair products that does not dry out your scalp. One can use conditioner and shampoo of their choice if it suits them.

8. Hydrate yourself properly as it maintains good scalp health

9. Eat nutrient rich foods. Nutrients nourish hair follicle and causes good hair growth. Here are some vitamins and minerals that help in hair growth


i) Biotin – Almonds, mushrooms, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, egg yolks, whole grains and meat are some of the good sources of biotin

ii) Zinc – pumpkin seeds, oats, chickpeas, yoghurt, meat and fish are some good sources of zinc

iii) Iron – pomegranate, dates, figs, legumes, whole grains, broccoli and leafy vegetables are rich source of iron

iv) Vitamin C – citrus fruits, amla, papaya, guava, tomatoes, strawberries and leafy vegetables are good sources of Vitamin C

v) Vitamin D – Sunlight, fatty fish, fortified products are rich in Vitamin D

vi) Selenium – brown rice, oats, legumes, eggs and meat are rich sources of selenium

vii) Magnesium – Banana, spinach, almonds, figs and dark chocolate are good sources of magnesium

10. Manage stress levels. Indulge in peaceful and hobby pursuing activities to avoid stressors.

11. Tie up your hair in different styles daily. Tying the hair in one direction regularly causes receding of hairline. This causes permanent damage which cannot be corrected later. Tying up hair loosely helps in avoiding traction alopecia.

If hair fall still continues even after above said measures, there should be an underlying trouble which is causing persistent trouble. Thyroid troubles, hormonal troubles, vitamin deficiencies, iron deficiency etc might cause hair fall in excess.

Homoeopathy helps in preventing hairfall by correcting the underlying trouble.

Here are some basic Homoeopathic remedies which you can use to correct hair fall trouble

• Jaborandi extract – try applying jaborandi mother tincture directly to your scalp once a day. This helps in hair regrowth.

• Arnica extract – Arnica oil also helps in increasing circulation to scalp and increases hair growth.

• Natrum mur 6x -Regular usage of this tablets helps in controlling hairfall. People with dry scalp, itching and anaemic tendency can use this medicine.

• Kali arsenicum – this medicine is mainly used to treat hairfall with dandruff.

• Thyroidinum 3x – This medicine is used to treat hair fall due to thyroid troubles.

• Silicea - This medicine is used to strengthen hair and prevent breakage.

Other medicines like acid flouricum, phosphorous, Lycopodium, Kali carb etc can be used depending on the symptoms.

In Sasi Homeopathy special attention is given to over all health. It is always advisable to use Homoeopathic medication under the guidance of a professional homoeopath. By doing so proper medication that is suitable for the individual personality can be chosen. Hair fall can only be treated with proper internal health and correct maintenance. Why late ? Book an appointment with us today and get rid of hairfall.

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