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Knee pain in youngsters and Homoeopathic management

“ Knee pain comes only in aged “

This is a age old dialogue which everyone of us hear frequently. But the fact is this myth is totally false. Knee pains are increasing in younger age group now a days. Various diseases, circumstances and habits are making people of younger age suffer with knee pains.

Let us jump into the topic and understand in brief the causes of knee pains in young generation

  • Wear and tear - If you have pain inside your knee, under your kneecap, especially when kneeling, squatting or going up and down steps, it’s usually wear-and-tear arthritis

  • Deficiency - Reduced calcium intake and vitamin D deficiency decreases bone mass and thereby causes knee pains. These pains increase over time and increase on movement.

  • Injury - Unknown injuries and sprains causes ligament and meniscal tears. Sudden squatting, twisting of knee when foot is in resting position are the major causes of tear injury. Sports persons are more prone to this kind of problem. knee pain is caused on specific knee movements. Generally sudden popping sound while squatting, pain after exertion are the symptoms of knee injury.

  • Posture - prolonged squatting position can cause knee pain. Improper foot wear & high heels gradually puts pressure on the knees and cause pain.

  • Obesity - increased body weight puts pressure on your knees and thereby causes pain.

  • Diseases - Rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, gouty arthritis etc. cause pain with swelling. Mostly effects small joints and knees in some. Stiffness and pain increases in after rest. Fibromyalgia is another problem where muscle pains cause knee pain.

  • Muscle weakness - Weakness on muscles around knee causes knee pain as knee joint is supported by many muscles and ligaments.

  • Hormonal troubles - hormonal troubles causes decrease in bone mineral density. It further causes weight gain which in-turn increases knee pain.

  • Profession - Prolonged sitting position with less movement causes knee stiffness and pain overtime. Housemaids are prone to bursitis of knee.

What to do for relief ?

  • RICE - rest, putting ice pack, compression and elevation causes decrease in swelling and reduces pain.

  • Use proper pain relief medication under the guidance of a professional doctor.

  • Proper physiotherapy helps in decreasing the pain.

  • Do exercises as suggested by the doctor as per your problem.

What to do for long term relief ?

  • Have diet rich in Calcium and have enough exposure to sunlight to absorb enough vitamin D.

  • Exercise regularly to maintain proper body weight and to maintain good muscle tone.

  • Wear proper foot wear.

  • Do knee strengthening exercises.

  • Sleep with resting your knee on pillow or put a pillow in between your knees for better sleep.

How Homeopathy helps ?

There are plenty of medicines in Homeopathy that can be used to relieve knee pain. But as in every condition, knee pain also needs homeopathic constitutional medicine for long term relief. Rheumatoid arthritis and other auto immune disorders definitely need professional help as general treatment helps in getting temporary relief.

Here are some Homeopathic medicines that can help you get relief from knee pain

  • Rhus tox - pain with swelling. Pains increase on rest and gets better on motion. It is indicated with knee pains due to muscle injury.

  • Bryonia - pains increase on movement and decrease on rest.

  • Ruta - knee pain due to meniscal tear or osteoporosis

  • Petroleum - knee pain with crackling sounds on movement

  • Arnica - knee pain after injury

  • Hymusa syrup - helpful in treating knee pains with swelling

  • Rhus tox ointment - external application which helps in decreasing pain immediately

Any disease involves mental, physical and emotional planes. In Sasi Homeopathy special importance is given to persons individual constitution. Medicines are selected based on personal symptoms, causative factors, past history and modalities. Our treatment approach helps in improving not only your knee complaints but also improves overall health.

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