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Parent, Child and Pandemic

If anyone asks what’s your best phase of life we will immediately answer saying its our childhood. Childhood is the most beautiful phase in everyone’s life. Timeless talks, outdoor games, birthday parties, gifts and various school stories comprises our childhood. During childhood, sound mental health is every bit as important as physical health for achieving developmental milestones. It helps children with their emotional wellbeing and social skills. A mentally healthy child will be very active in studies, have good social skills with other children and maintains a good relationship with elders of the family. On the other side children with poor mental health will find difficult to mingle, lacks concentration and cannot handle their emotions properly.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought mental health repercussions for everyone, including children and adolescents. Online schooling, lack of outdoor activities, decreased social gatherings, parental pressures and irregular sleep patterns had shown a severe impact on child’s mental health developments. It is simultaneously impacting child’s physical health. Children are not getting enough outdoor exposure to sunlight and they are also lacking playtime with friends of there age group.

If we look into online schooling, children are missing gathering with friends. They are not able to put enough concentration on the subjects due to virtual teaching methods. Their physical health is also impacted as many are developing eye sight problems due to prolonged exposure to mobile/tablet/laptop screens.

Children often go through different emotions like disappointment, fear, sadness, aloofness, lack of motivation, lethargy etc. It has become difficult for parents to calm their children's anxieties because of the uncertainty and stress in their own lives. The occupational or emotional challenges parents face is interfering with their usual ability to address their children's needs and worries.

Try not to show your tensions on children. Don’t get stressed managing work and family simultaneously. Spending time with children makes parents relaxed and also enables them to get a better understanding of their children.

Understand your child’s emotions. Daily before bedtime, have a small conversation with them. Let them express their feelings to you. Just listen to their concerns, reassure and relax them.

Make your kids get engaged in new activities. Newness always creates some interest. Involve your kids in daily household activities in a funny and interesting way. Let them involve in creative activities like gardening, craft works, drawing, origami, cooking etc.

Family bonding and social skills should be encouraged. Participate in family events virtually and help your child maintain phone contact with kids of their age group. During weekends spend some good family time. Be away from gadgets. Watch some movie or go for a long drive keeping in mind the social norms of covid19.

Implement and teach them social responsibilities and particularly tell them the importance of Covid19 appropriate behavior like social distancing, sanitization and hygiene. Assure them that this phase is temporary and tell them that they have got a chance to spend more family time together due to this pandemic. In these challenging times, make sure to create an environment of positivity at home to make children feel happy and relaxed.

Make your child enjoy the best during this time. Use Homoeopathy for any trifling ailments of childhood. Homoeopathy is safe and effective in treating children problems and also helps in developing your child’s immunity naturally. Sasi Homeopathy offers treatment for various child problems like Tonsillitis, Headache, bed wetting, frequent cold, behavioral problems etc.

As a parent you will always try to give best to your children. In the similar way choose Homeopathy and give the best disease free childhood to your kids.

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