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Skincare is Healthcare

Sometimes many of us observe blemishes or rashes appearing on the skin. If they are temporary it is fine. But if you are having a problem persistently you can’t simply ignore them. Skin is not merely an external thing, it reflects inner health. You might not notice, but your doctor can definitely identify the underlying problem which is reflected on your skin. Although some home tips like drinking water, proper sleep, meditation, avoiding allergens and applying moisturizers helps in controlling the situation to an extent it won’t give relief for a longer time.

Firstly, let us know in brief the functions of the skin. It Provides a protective barrier against mechanical, thermal, physical injury and hazardous substances. It prevents loss of moisture, regulates our body temperature, protects from the harmful UV rays etc.

Normal skin is well hydrated, smooth, without pigmentation and appears healthy. But if your skin is becoming dull, dry and with spots there is definitely something you should take care of.

The major cosmetic problem many will face is dark circles. These mainly occur due to lack of sleep, stress, dehydration or due to some deficiencies. Another common problem many complain about is the dullness of skin. Dullness is mostly caused due to dryness of skin, which is not hydrated properly. Of course, it should regain its normal if you start having at least 7-8 glasses of water every day. But other than this there are plenty of medical reasons that cause dryness. It might occur due to poor circulation, hypothyroidism, liver disturbance or may be due to skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema etc.

Another problem is acne and facial spots. Acne in teenage is not an issue as a lot of hormonal changes take place during that phase. But persistent acne is a sign of hormonal disturbance, Poly cystic disease and disturbed insulin mechanism. Stress and excess fatty food intake further worsen the condition. Other factors like weight, menstrual regularity helps in identifying the exact cause.

Next let us discuss about hyperpigmentation. The common cause is dehydration. Hyperpigmentation related to liver disease express in the form of brown spots on face, lichen planus etc. Hyper pigmentation form diabetes, thyroid issues, hormonal troubles express in form of acanthosis nigricans, which is thickened dark skin on back of neck, underarms etc. Women in menopausal age may develop melasma on nose and cheek in the shape of butterfly.

Another most common symptom of various skin problems is itching. Dehydration, liver disturbance, poor circulation, diabetes, etc. causes itching. But other factors, location of rashes helps in identifying the underlying skin condition. Psoriasis expresses in the form of dry scaly patches in different locations of the body. Eczema may appear dry or moist, depending on the type. Ringworm appears in places where more sweating occurs like groin, scalp, underarms, etc. Lichen planus appears as shiny, scaly eruptions which leave a hyperpigmented spot after healing. Itching occurs due to circulatory disturbance occurs mostly in lower extremities with dark patches. Itching with allergy appears with rash and occurs when exposed to allergens. Like this if we discuss the list can go any longer.

So, after knowing some brief about skin and its symptoms we cannot simply treat a skin condition as an external symptom. Skin is an index of internal health. So, we cannot remove skin condition by a simple external ointment. It will recur again sometime or the other unless the internal disturbance is treated. Here Homoeopathy works wonders. Basically, Homeopathy is the only system of medicine which gives inner health a priority. In Homoeopathy, medicines are prescribed as per individual constitution and no two people with the same skin condition will be given similar medication. In other words, it is more personalized treatment method where minor details like location, sensation, timings, personal habits, triggers and other accompanying complaints are considered while treating skin condition. That is the reason why many will observe long lasting or even permanent relief after using Homoeopathic medication. Simultaneously a Homoeopath will suggest other changes regarding diet, lifestyle and other avoidable factors.

Sasi Homoeopathy gives utmost importance to Homoeopathic principles and we focus more on the overall health of the individual. Our constitutional treatment approach not only helps you in improving your skin condition, but also your overall health. So, keep your worries away, book an appointment with us and unlock your key to recovery.

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