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Homeopathy for common breast feeding problems

lactating phase is a very important phase in woman’s life after childbirth. The new born child will receive enough nutrition from mothers milk for the first 6 months after birth. In one word breast milk is the only nutritional source for the new born. Breast milk is rich in fats, protein and antibodies. It not only quenches thirst of the newborn but also provides essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals for the new born to grow.

Milk from the first few days of birth is thick with more nutrients and provides immunity for the new born to fight against infections. This is called colostrum. Later on the milk thins and has more water and other nutrients.

Lactating experience differs from mother to mother. Here are some common problems lactating mother faces with solutions

Sore nipples - sore nipples are common in young mother. New born will generally clench the nipples between there gums. This causes sore nipples until the baby and the mother adjusts to the new phase. Here are some tips to get rid of sore nipples

  • Latch your baby properly. Make sure that entire areola is available for baby to suck milk. This helps in getting milk easily and decreases friction.

  • gently remove your baby after feeding

  • Apply warm compress or pour warm water while bathing to decrease pain.

  • Feed more with alternate breast until you feel good.

  • Offer short and frequent feeds. This prevents clogging of milk in the affected breast.

Cracked nipples - cracked nipples are also the most common problem faced by mothers. Minor cracks will heal but if the problem persists and cracks increase it needs medical intervention.

  • Apply freshly expressed breast milk in the cracked region. Breast milk acts as a powerful healing agent.

  • Squeeze the milk with a breast pump. This helps in faster healing and at the same time maintains enough milk production

  • Give more milk from the alternate breast until proper healing occurs.

Homeopathy medicines like graphites, castor equi, belladona etc helps in treating cracked nipples.

Low breast milk - Although every mother feels that the milk supply is not sufficient for the baby, it is not generally so. Milk supply increases with feeding. So initially if the milk production is low, it will improve once baby and mother enters the proper feeding schedule. If your child is growing normally and reaching milestones properly it is an indication that your milk is sufficient. Here are some tips to increase Breast milk

  • Feed baby regularly and frequently

  • Use both breasts alternately for feeding

  • Feed atleast for ten minutes with each breast.

  • Gently massage your breast to increase milk flow

  • Use breast pump to extract the milk if your baby is not sucking enough

  • Fenugreek water, garlic and milk increase breast milk

  • Having nutritional food increase breast milk. So have more protein rich and fat rich foods.

If your are facing the real issue, Homoeopathic medicines like Angus castus, asafoetida, lac caninum, calcarea carb, pulsatilla, Ricinus communis, thyroidinum will help you increase your milk supply. But the medicine should be selected on individual basis.

New mother can try Alfa Alfa syrup or 5 phos tablets to improve general nutrition.

Increase milk and obstructed duct - it is not an issue to worry much. Generally milk will leak out if it gets filled completely. If your baby feeds properly and regularly milk supply will be balanced according to the need. One can extract excess milk through breast pump if necessary. This only becomes a problem if the excess milk gets clogged. Clogged ducts causes swelling, pain and heaviness of the breast. This will be relieved on feeding. These tips might help you unclogging milk ducts

  • Breast feed with affected breast. Babies suckling power unclogs the duct and decreases heaviness

  • Drain excess milk or extract with a pump

  • Massage breast gently or apply warm compress

  • Breast feed atleast 8 - 10 times a day

Here are some homeopathic medicines that can help you decrease the problem. Borax, calcarea carb, lac defloratum, conium, phytolacca, etc helps in this condition

Mastitis - It is an infective condition where breast will be swollen, red and painful. It usually starts due to clogged ducts or when milk output is less than production. One can definitely feed with mastitis breast. The milk is not infective. In fact breast feeding with mastitis breast helps in speedy recovery. Warm compress, massage and Wearing a good fitted bra helps.

Homeopathy medicines like Belladona, pulsatilla,  calcarea carb, conium, Silicea helps.

Weakness - breast feeding moms require more nutrients. Lactation drains energy. Have well balanced food rich in protein & fibre. In addition to this Homeopathic medicines like Alfa Alfa, acid phos, 5 phos, Kali phos, acetic acid & chincona officinalis helps.

Homeopathy not only helps new mom but also helps the new born to get adequate nutrition from the mother and builds immunity in both. In sasi Homeopathy we give utmost importance to mothers health. As healthy mom will give a healthy child, we take into consideration the physical, mental and emotional states of the mom. Symptoms are analysed and medicines are selected with utmost care to help new mom and child. In addition to this proper diet and management techniques are adviced as per need.

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