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Vacations mean a change of place, a gentleness with ourselves, a time of rest and renewal, and a time to stretch ourselves and encounter new people, new lands, new ways, and new options. Everyone likes summer. Parents usually plan for a vacation as it is a holiday time for kids. Some plan for a recreational trip and some plan for a family trip. What ever it is you will be away from your home for a few days. The comfort in home is lost and one should adjust to the new conditions.

Usually one will experience post vacation fatigue or other minor complaints like gastric disturbances, sleep problems and other infections.

Let us first discuss what you should do before you start of vacation

  1. Organize things for packing at least a week before your journey. Do all your purchases and list out the items you need to pack. Doing this avoids unnecessary stress at the last moment. Stress makes you more confused.

  2. Make a plan of your trip, routes and expenses before itself. This helps in making you enjoy your trip without havoc.

  3. Pack your medicines according to your family needs. Pack a small first aid kit. You can make a kit with band aid, white gauze bandage cloth, antiseptic liquid, cotton roll, small scissors, antiseptic cream or Calendula ointment.

  4. Tidy up your home before leaving. A clean home gives you a pleasant feel and helps you take proper rest after you return from vacation.

  5. Clean your fridge. A clean fridge makes it easy for you to organize healthy food after you return from the journey.

  6. Hydrate yourself well before the journey.

  7. Eat healthy, nutritious food. Healthy food builds up immunity and makes you less vulnerable to climatic factors and other infections.

  8. Exercise well. Daily physical activity helps you avoid overstrain pains during vacation.

Here are some tips to follow while you are on vacation

  1. Drink enough filtered water. One should have at least 5 – 7 glasses of water daily. Many people generally avoid water intake fearing frequent urination. But this is a wrong practice as body might dehydrate and cause heat stroke. Less water intake also triggers urinary tract and respiratory infections.

  2. Do not forget to urinate when necessary. Improper urinary voidance may cause urinary tract infection.

  3. Have healthy foods. Have more fruits as they are easily available. Coming to cooked food order the ones with less oil. Eat items which can be made fresh in that region. This helps you in getting fresh food and prevents food poisoning.

  4. Protect yourself from excess sunlight. Wear sunglasses, cover your head, apply sunscreen and wear loose comfortable cotton wear.

  5. Rest properly when required. Continuous strain may cause body pains which disturb your energy levels.

Here are some tips to follow after you return back home from vacation

  1. Just feel relaxed after returning home. Take time to unpack things. A proper rest helps you work more focused.

  2. Fill your refrigerator with fruits, fresh leafy vegetables. Having more vitamin C helps in building your immunity. Have more citrus fruits, mangoes, watermelons etc. This helps in detoxifying your body, helps in treating skin infections like lichen planus and also helps in treating cold or sore throat due to water change.

  3. Have more fresh juices, buttermilk, Ragi malt or barley water. This helps you cool your body and protect you from summer heat.

  4. Eat light, fresh home cooked meal. Make simple recipes with less oil, more vegetables and mild spices. Eating curd helps in good digestion and also acts as a probiotic.

  5. After a rest period for a day or two just involve yourself in physical outdoor activities. This helps you in rejuvenating your body, mind and soul.

  6. Avoid having excess coffee, tea or alcohol. Stimulants in moderation energizes you but if you take them in excess they might cause health disturbances like sleeplessness, indigestion, constipation etc.

  7. Avoid processed, oily or baked foods. These foods make you feel more tired.

Homoeopathy helps you in making you less vulnerable to diseases. Homeopathy helps in treating various health troubles which you face while traveling and also helps in treating troubles post vacation. Here are some medicines which you can carry while travelling for minor health issues.

1. Rhus tox 200 – Body pains

2. Arnica 200 – Injuries with internal bleeding

3. Nux vomica 200 – Indigestion from eating excess fatty food

4. Cantharis 200 – Urinary tract infection

5. Natrum mur 6x – Prevention of sunstroke

6. Arsenicum album 200 – Cold, influenza, diarrhea, vomiting etc.

7. Belladonna 200 – Swelling and pain with redness.

8. Calendula ointment - Cut wounds

9. 5 Phos tablets – Weakness after vacation.

It is always ideal to carry your personalized homoeopathic kit suggested by your homoeopathic doctor as per your body tendencies. Also, if you are in any ongoing Homoeopathic medication try not taking these medicines unless they are suggested by your doctor. Generally, health issues after vacation goes off in a week. But, visit the doctor if you are feeling discomfort for more than a week. So, plan your trip this summer with all necessary measures and make your trip a healthy and enjoyable one.

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