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Winter care with Homoeopathy


Winter is a pleasant season to enjoy. Warm days and cool nights makes it more enjoyable. Although weather conditions are good, winter is not a cup of tea for many. Extreme cold and sudden fluctuations shows some repercussions. Body takes some time to adjust to the harsh cold weather. This adjustment phase makes the body vulnerable to seasonal attacks. Many diseases flare up in winters. Children particularly will be more prone to seasonal attacks easily.


Here is a glimpse of general winter diseases


Common cold is one of the trouble that mostly occurs in winter. Sudden change to cold weather and having a tendency to catch cold makes you vulnerable to different bacteria or virus. Body cannot take sudden change from warm days to cold nights. Using air conditioners further worsens the situation as it dries up the respiratory passages. Common cold acts as a trigger to various respiratory infections like asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia etc. Having good immunity, proper hydration and wearing proper winter wear mostly prevents the attacks of cold.


Flu also starts with cold and later on effects nasal mucosa and causes running nose, body pains and fever in some. Neglected flu or prolonged flu can effect the lower respiratory tract.


Asthma is another respiratory illness that flares up in winters. Many asthmatic patients complaint winter aggravation. Asthma also triggers with common cold. So asthmatic patients are suggested to treat cold as soon as possible to prevent disease progression. Cough with or without phlegm and wheezing are the symptoms of asthma.. If you are asthmatic make sure you start your regular medication before itself in summer to prevent winter attacks.


Pneumonia is another bacterial infection that effects the lower respiratory tracts. Initial symptoms include cold, running nose etc. Sudden rise in temperature and chills are classic signs where one can suspect pneumonia. Mostly children get effected with pneumonia.


Sore throat and tonsillitis is another trouble that is more common in winters. Change in water, change in air, change in humidity effects throat. Usually pain is experienced with throat irritation. This usually subsides on its own by following simple measures. But in some tonsils might enlarge. Enlarged tonsils cause mild fever, severe throat pain on the effected side, difficulty eating and drinking. Wearing proper winter wear, covering ears and salt water gargling causes much relief in pain. Apart from this one can opt having more citrus fruits and warm herbal teas to get relief.


Skin problems need more attention during winters. In winters skin becomes dry. Dry skin is prone to itching.. Conditions like psoriasis, eczema and urticaria might trigger in winter. Applying good moisturiser or coconut or olive oil application helps in preventing dryness.


Joint troubles increase in winters. In winters muscles stiffen and thereby it effects joint movement. Persons suffering with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis etc observe increased pains in winter. Wear proper foot wear to maintain good gait and prevent your feet to cold exposure by wearing socks. This helps in reducing the winter effect on your joints. Doing warm up exercises daily makes your joints flexible.


Homoeopathy helps in minimising your winter effects in a lot of ways


1.     It improves your immunity and there by makes you less prone to seasonal variations.

2.     It helps in giving you symptomatic relief if you are suffering with any winter troubles.

3.     It helps in faster recovery

4.     It improves your general health as well

Apart from this there are some good Homoeopathic medicines that act best in winter season


1.     ARSENICUM ALBUM – used for a variety of disease conditions this medicine can be used to control cold, fever etc. It also acts as a preventive medicine for flu, pneumonia etc.

2.     DULCAMARA – used when days are hot and nights are cold. This medicine is also used to treat various respiratory troubles which gets triggered with damp cold.

3.     BRYONIA – used for joint troubles and respiratory troubles which are aggravated by movement and relieved by rest

4.     HEPAR SULPH – used for sore throat and tonsil infections after exposure to dry cold wind

5.     BELLADONA – redness, swelling, pain and fever are the indications where we can use belladona

6.     PSORINUM – this medicine can be used in people who will have winter complaints.


Each individual is different and every disease shows it’s effect on body in a different way. There are huge number of Homoeopathic medicines which can be used for winter complications. A more personalised treatment which considers mental, physical parameters and individuals reaction to a particular disease helps in providing a better medicine.


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